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Advertising Opportunities


The Walnut Grove Business Association offers 4 unique advertising opportunities on their website. We currently have been averaging over 2000 hits per month.
The "Banner Advertising" and "Featured Business Profile" spots will run on a monthly basis for a maximum of 3 months. Businesses wanting to commit to a 3 month or longer term will receive a discount. If no other businesses request these spots, we will consider renewing these spots for longer than 3 months. As an added bonus, any company that has done some advertising on the website will be given the chance to introduce their company at a Quartley Meeting and be allowed to post 1 Ad on the Facebook page. If you have any questions regarding the advertising opportunities, please contact Karen Reynolds at (604) 888-8074 or webads@wgba.ca.

Banner Advertising
"A" - 4 image spots in banner on left top of front page - these spots will be linked to your website
Price:   $  75.00 - 1 month
  $213.75 - 3 months
  $418.50 - 6 months
  $801.00 - 12 months.

"B" - 1 larger spot in banner on right top of front page - will be linked to your website
Price:   $100 - 1 month

  $285 - 3 months
  $558 - 6 months
$1068 - 12 months.

Featured Business Profile
"C" - 3 spots are available down the left side of the front page. These 3 spots will have a link to a profile page (especially beneficial for those small restaurant or business owners who do not have a web page) or it can be linked to your company's web page.
Price:   $100 - 1 month

  $285 - 3 months
  $558 - 6 months
$1068 - 12 months.

Single Webpage
"D" - Custom design your own web page with pictures and text describing your business. This will be linked with the "Find a Business" page and allow you to advertise your own web address (ex. www.wgba.ca/yourcompany).
Price: $150

Upcoming Event or Specials Link
"E" - Do you have an upcoming event or special you would like to advertise? For $20 we will place a link on our Home page and Facebook page, either to your website ad or to a separate page ad that your produce (ex. Word or PDF document). This link will remain until the event or special is over.
Price: $20 (Facebook ads are FREE for members)

Advertising Option and Length