All members of the Walnut Grove Willoughby Business Association are given the opportunity to display a photo in the rotating banner on our home page. In addition, they can also advertise any upcoming event through our News page.

If members would like any additional advertising on the website, we offer 4 unique advertising opportunities on the WWBA website. We currently have been averaging over 3000 visits per month on the website.

The “Banner Advertising” and “Featured” spots will run on a monthly basis for a maximum of 3 months. Businesses wanting to commit to a 3 month or longer term will receive a discount. If no other businesses request these spots, we will consider renewing these spots for longer than 3 months. As an added bonus, any company that has done some advertising on the website will be given the chance to introduce their company at a Quartley Meeting and be allowed to post 1 Ad on the Facebook page. If you have any questions regarding the advertising opportunities, please contact Lorrie Lacey at (604) 897-0992 or

Banner Advertising

“A” – an additional image in the rotating banner on the home page – this image will be linked to your website

Price:   $  75.00 – 1 month
$200 – 3 months
$350.00 – 6 months

Featured Member Advertising

“B” – Image spot available in the footer of the website. This will appear on every page and will be linked to your website

Price:   $100 – 1 month
$250 – 3 months
$400 – 6 months

Featured Business Profile

“C” – Image spot available on the right hand side of every page. This spot will have a link to a profile page (especially beneficial for those small restaurant or business owners who do not have a web page) or it can be linked to your company’s web page.

Price:   $150 – 1 month
$280 – 3 months
$450 – 6 months

Upcoming Event or Specials Link

“D” – Do you have an upcoming event or special you would like to advertise? We will place a link on our Home page and Facebook page, either to your website ad or to a separate page ad that your produce (ex. Word or PDF document). This link will remain until the event or special is over.
Price: $FREE for members
WGBA Advertising