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Find a Business

Here is our list of Member's businesses in Walnut Grove who are ready to serve you.

  Alikova and Associates Inc (Natasha Alikova, CPA CGA)
E205-20159 88 ave
Langley, BC V1M 0A4
www.igalikova.com 778-298-8808
  Avisar Chartered Accountants (Debbie Born)
Suite 302 - 8047 199th Street
Langley, BC
V2Y 0E2
www.avisar.ca 604.513.5707
  Scotiabank (Alana Naples)
19989 96th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 3C6
Advertising / marketing
  Bizbee Creative (Heather Sell)
#104 20714 96 avenue
Langley, BC V1M 1E4
www.bizbee.ca 604-916-9038
Automotive / transportation
  Driving Force (Adrian Wyant)
9522 - 200 Street
Langley, BC V1M 3A6
www.drivingforce.ca 604-670-1059
  Norlang Auto Repair (Corey Doell)
Unit #101 20540 88th Ave.
Langley, BC
V1M 2Y6
www.norlangauto.ca 604.888.8681
Community / political
  Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce (Colleen Clark)
1-5761 Glover Road
Langley BC
V3A 8M8
www.langleychamber.com 604.530.6656
  RCMP (Peter MacDonald)
22180 48A Ave
Langley, BC
V3A 8B7
www.langley.rcmp.ca 604.532.3200
  Township of Langley (Val Gafka)
20338-65 Ave.
Langley, BC
V2Y 3J1
www.tol.ca/ 604.534.3211
  Township of Langley (Bob Andrews)
20338-65 Ave
Langley, BC
V2Y 3J1
www.tol.ca/ 604.532.7548
  Township of Langley (Jack Froese)
20338-65 Ave.
Langley, BC
V2Y 3J1
www.tol.ca/ 604.534.3211
  Welcome Wagon (Marya Jo Jolicoeur)
www.welcomewagon.ca 604.317.3246
Computers / technology
  Walnut Grove Computers (Geoffrey Hughes)
21183 88th Ave
Langley, BC V1M 2G5
https://walnutgrove.net/ 604-888-3873
  Westcoast Web Design & Photography (Karen Reynolds)
9480 216B Street
Langley, BC V1M 4E4
www.westcoastwebdesign.ca 604-888-8074
Construction / engineering
  Gemco Construction Ltd (Doug Bloomfield)
19635 Telegraph Trail
Langley, BC V1M 3E6
www.gemco-construction.com 604-888-4950
  Payne Pacific Contracting (Timothy Payne)
#205 6339 200th Street
Langley, BC V2Y 1A0
  Vulcan Metal Works Ltd. (Dorothy Kozlowski)
9770 199A Street
Langley, BC V1M 2X7
www.vulcanmetalworks.ca 778-298-3520
Education / training
  Kids in the Grove (Kimberly Wishinski)
Topham and West Langley Elementary Schools
www.kidsinthegrove.com 604.619.0267
  Loewen Coaching (James Loewen)
20385 64 Avenue
Langley, BC
V2Y 1N5
www.loewencoaching.com 778-316-4716
  Mathnasium of Langley (Sylvia McLellan)
#120 8661 201 Street
Langley BC V2Y 0G9
www.mathnasium.ca/langleybc 604-825-4528
Financial services / insurance
  Charter Group TD Wealth (Mike Elliott)
#500-8621 201 Street
Langley, BC V2Y 0J9
  G&F Financial Group (Kam Mokha)
120-20780 Willoughby Town Centre Drive
Langley BC V2Y 0L7
www.gffg.com 604-549-5411
  Homestead Insurance (Barry Middler)
#103-8850 Walnut Grove Dr
V1M 2C9
http://www.homesteadinsurance.ca 604.888.5042
  My Mortgage Brokers (Nadia Causley)
#8-8880 202nd Street
Langley, BC V1M 4E7
www.mymortgagebrokers.ca 778-987-8370
  Raymond James (Matt Redshaw)
#220 8621 201 Street
Langley, B.C.
V2Y 0G9
www.tycuda.com 604-455-2020
  Royal Bank (Amanda Hough)
8843 204 Street
Langley, BC V3A 8B7
www.rbc.com 604-882-2200
  The Charter Group TD Wealth (Mike Elliott)
#500 - 8621 - 201 Street
Langley BC
V2Y 0J9
  The Co-operators (Bethany Heppner)
#8 8590 200 Street
Langley, BC
V2Y 2B9
www.cooperators.ca/bethany-heppner 604.455.5070
  The Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Darin Nessel)
201 9366 200A St.
Langley, BC
V1M 4B3
www.mutualfirebc.com 604.881.1250
  The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of BC (Jason Christopherson)
#201 9366 - 200A Street
Langley, BC
  True Value Financial (Shashank Hedao)
#306 6325 204th Street
Langley, BC V2Y 3B3
https://www.truevaluefinancial.ca/ 604.495.9090
  Vancity, Walnut Grove Community Branch (Barbara Slack)
E103-20159 88th Ave.
Langley, BC
V1M 0A4
www.vancity.com 604.877.2540
Food and entertainment
  Mai's Vietnamese Restaurant (Loc Huynh)
103-20378 -88th St.
Langley, BC
V1M 2Y4
www.maisvietnameserestaurant.com 604. 882.9100
  McDonalds Restaurants (Ron Knight)
19955 96 Ave.
Langley &
20394 88th Ave.
www.mcdonalds.ca 604.881.6220
  Ricky's (JP Singh)
  Marketplace IGA (Charlie Lee)
B101 20159 88 Ave.
Langley, BC
V1M 0A4
www.marketplaceiga.com/grocery-stores/langley-87.aspx 604.882.8411
Health / beauty
  30 Minute Hit Walnut Grove (Katherine Rinehart)
#106 9292 200th St
Langley, BC V1M 3A6
www.30minutehit.com/walnutgrove 604.484-8230
  9Round (Gina Allen)
  Coastal Fitness (Ryan Jobs)
4-20011 96th Avenue
Langley, BC
V1M 3C6
www.coastalfitness.ca 604.371.4155
  Discovery Counselling (Heather Rattai)
#202 - 23160 96 Ave
Langley, BC
  Grove Pharmacy & Viva Care Med (Sameer Premji)
  Innovative Fitness (Adam Sippel)
111-9525 201st Street
LangleyBC V1M 4A5
www.innovativefitness.com 604-371-1238
  Iris Opthalmology Clinic Inc (Lisa Lepore)
#1-8948 202 Street
Langley, BC V1M 4A7
www.iris.ca 604-881-4747
  JVR Dental (Leana Lundt)
#9 8880 202 Street
Langley, BC
www.jvrdental.com 604-362-2840
  Langley Denture Clinic Ltd. (Frank Yoo)
#103 8843 204th St
Langley, BC
V1M 2K4
www.langleydentureclinic.com 604.888.4356
  Lifestyle Health Centre (Sam Smith)
#104 8843 204th St
Langley, BC V1M 2K4
www.lifestylehealthcentre.com 604-881-1158
  Pharma Choice Walnut Grove (Mohamed Abdelhameed)
#150 20330 88th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 2Y4
www.pharmachoice.ca 604-371-1388
  Thunderbird Dental Group (Danielle Welch)
D113 - 20159 88th Avenue
Langley, BC
V1M 0A4
www.thunderbirddentist.com 604.882.6822
Hospitality / tourism
  Holiday Inn Express & Suites Langley (Jeffery Leung)
8750 204th St.
Langley, BC
V1M 2Y5
www.hiexpress.com/langleybc 604.882.2000
  Sandman Signature Hotel (Elisia Olsen)
8828 201 Street
Langley, BC V2Y 0C8
Legal service
  Donna M. Van Beek Nortary Corporation (Donna M. Van Beek)
201-20171 - 92A Ave.
Langley BC
V1M 3A5
www.donnavanbeek.com 604.888.6605
  Grant Sauer Notary Corporation (Grant Sauer)
#8 8880 202 Street
Langley, BC
V1M 1E6
www.sauernotary.ca 604-449-9590
  Lilian Cazacu Notary Corporation (Lilian Cazacu)
20385 64th Avenue
Langley, BC V2Y 1N5
www.lcnotary.ca 604-375-2679
  Milne Selkirk Lawyers (James MacLean)
#5 21183-88th Ave
Langley BC
V1M 2G5
www.milneselkirk.com 604.882.5015
Printing / publishing / signs
  Duolynx Design & Print (Kerri Lucas-West)
204 20167 96 Ave.
Langley, BC
V1M 3C5
www.duolynxprint.com 604.888.4755
  Garry Reimer Group (Garry Reimer)
www.garryreimermortgages.com 604-998-8889
  Homelife Benchmark Realty (Michelle Carlsen)
201-20999 88th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 2C9
  Jen & Sheri Real Estate Professionals (Jennifer Trentadue)
#110-19925 Willowbrook Drive
Langley BC
V2Y 1A7
www.jenandsheri.com 604.530.0231
  Jen & Sheri Real Estate Professionals (Sheri Warzel)
Royal Lepage Wolstencroft
#110-19925 Willowbrook Drive
Langley BC
V2Y 1A7
www.jenandsheri.com 604.530.0231
  Royal Le Page (Mark Kettering)
#110-20820 87 Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 3W5
  Royal LePage (Angela Evennett)
http://www.AngelaEvennett.com 604.530.4141
  Stephanie Porter Real Estate (Stephanie Porter)
19925 Willowbrook Drive
Langley, BC V2Y 1A7
www.stephanieporter.ca 604-866-8939
  The Garry Reimer Group (Garry Reimer)
#8 - 8880 202 Street
Langley, BC V1M 4E7
www.thegarryreimergroup.com 604-998-8889
  Redwoods Golf Course (Doug Hawley)
22011 88 Ave.
Langley, BC
V1M 3S8
www.redwoods-golf.com 604.882.5130
Sales / service
  5M Photobooth (Mark Goto)
#13 19889 96 ave
Suite #207
Langley, BC
V1M 3C7
www.5mphotobooth.com 778-919-9470
  All Bright Painting (Mark McCandless)
23110 Muench Trail
Langley, BC V1M 4G6
www.all-brightpainting.com 604-671-3907
  Arbutus Funeral Service Inc (Ian Elliott)
#107A - 20171 92A Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 3A5
www.arbutusfuneralservice.com 604-888-9895
  Art's Nursery (Rebecca vanderZalm)
8940 192nd Street
Surrey, BC V4N 3W8
www.artsnursery.com/ 604-882-1201
  Avia Employment (Ken Boyd)
  Captain's Designated Drivers Corp (John McKilligan)
#14 8089 209 Street
Langley, BC V2Y 0B1
www.captainsdesignateddrivers.com 604-757-5900
  Executive Mat Service Ltd. (Rhonda Harris)
#6 20113 92A Ave.
V1M 3A5
www.executivemat.ca 778-298-2488
  Expedia Cruise Ship Centers (Pety Carvalho)
#102 23160 96th Ave
Langley, BC V1M 2R6
www.cruiseshipcenters.com/northlangley 604-882-8000
  Great Canadian Oil Change (Robert Sinclair)
#1-9497 201 Street
Langley, BC V1M 4A5
  Jelly Marketing (Darian Kovacks)
  Leading Edge (Patricia Lessard)
#5-9539 208th Street
Langley, BC V1M 2L7
  North Langley Paint & Decorating Ltd (Benjamin Moore) (Michelle Sparrow)
  Pak Mail (Eric Leung)
#13 19889 96th Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 3C7
  Reliance Security & Locksmith Ltd (Glenn de la Rambelje)
#115 - 7533 135th Street
Surrey, BC V3W 0N6
www.reliancesecurity.net 778-564-4203
  The UPS Store 166 (Nicole Longacre)
#505-8840 210 Street
Langley, BC V1M 2Y2
  Valley Traffic Systems Inc (Phil Jackman)
9770 199 A Street
Langley, BC V1M 2X7
www.valleytraffic.ca 604-513-0210
  Walnut Grove Cruise and Travel (Jesse Eberts)
Unit 401B-8840 210 street
Langley, BC V1M 2Y2
www.walnutgrovetravel.com 604-888-6020
Seniors services
  Chartwell Langley Gardens (Lianne Thomlinson)
8888 202 Street
Langley, BC V1M 4A7
  Canadian Business Distributors Ltd. (Odell Boivin)
201-9780 197B Street
Langley, B.C.
V1M 3G3
www.canadiandistributors.ca/ 604.807.0884
  Hunnis Urban Boutique (Curtis Stratuliak)
#5 - 8590 200th Street
V2Y 2B9
http://www.hunnis.com 604.888.7990
  Second Story Treasures Thrift Store/Langley Hospice (Roz Molnar)
#5 20349 88th Avenue
Langley, BC
V1M 1E6
www.langleyhospice.com 604.513.9319
  Vanilla Clothing (Deanna Whissell)
6-8880 202nd Street
Langley, BC
V1M 4A7
www.vanillaclothing.ca 604.371.0071